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Is ANONYUPLOAD for real. Wait and see...

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Land of Hope and Glory

Land of Hope and Glory. The Sex Pistols and the London Synthphoney Orchestra. Mildly amusing.

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MegaUpload Shut Down

MegaUpload has been shut down by the FBI. “Anonymous" shuts down their website in retaliation.  This means that many of the links on your favorite music sites will be dead.  See Here for more details.

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Drunk And Armed - The Politician E.P. (So Far)

The Politician E.P. has been and still is a work in progress, starting in 2009, as a commentary on the Obama years.

Tracks (So Far):
1. Obama Likes Pie (2009)
2. MIRROR (2010) See Also.
3. One Shot Left (2010)
4. Cranial Rectal Embedment (2011)
5. You Deserve It! (2011)
Since 2009, Drunk And Armed has also released the following singles:
Burn It Down (Solstice Demo) (2009)
Low (Chicken Leg House) (Recorded 2008, Released 2010)
Big Stink #8 (Recorded 2007, Released 2011)
Download it all Here.

No Fun - At the Disco ep

No Fun - At the Disco ep. Happy New Year!