Thursday, November 18, 2010


Q: I know you hated GB far more than Obama. Why pick on him when you didn't Bush?
A: I did, but I did it at my current events blog. (And far worse than anything about Obama here.  There's some people it's impossible to be satirical about. As you can see, I can push it. Basically, BHO is sometimes a composite of Bush and Obama (with a little bit of other politicians and assorted assholes. Their policies are so similar they could be a composite. An upcoming release will make that clear. See also "Obama likes Pie."

Q: Don't you care this is offensive to just about anyone who isn't Bin Laden?
A: No. I would hope to offend the Maximum extent possible. That's kind of the point. Also, I wouldn't want my music to be picked up by any real causes. It's propaganda as art.  However, I seriously doubt an Islamic fundamentalist listens to punk rock. It is saying that fear makes us weak. Being ruled by insecurity means being truly ruled by others.  We all go down together.

Q: Do you think you're part of the real "Rock N' Roll Underground."
A: I want to be just like G.G. Allin when I grow up

One thing: I would prefer honest contempt to shameless flattery in a politician. They might be thinking it, but they'll never say it.

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