Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parody of Devo’s “Whip It”

Parody of Devo’s “Whip It”.
(Pause player at right.)

I'm Scarred for life now.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Drunk And Armed - Low (Chicken Leg House)

Low (Chicken Leg House) by Drunk And Armed

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Taking a break from BHO and his megalomania, here's something recorded in 2008 from the Drunk And Armed vault.  Mr. B. Ligerent stopped by one night and we sung a lovely duet.

Written by SRL
Performed by SRL & Mr. B. Ligerent

You've forgotten who you are, and now you shall pay.
You're going down!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drunk And Armed - One Shot Left

Drunk And Armed - One Shot Left
Track 3 of The Politician E.P.
Written by BHO and SRL
BHO: Vox and Gunfire
SRL:  Drums, Synth and Guitar

(Pause Player at Right)

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I was in the studio the other night chillin' when I heard a knock on the door.  It was BHO and he was Drunk And Armed!  He had spent the day at the range pounding tallboys. He was going on and on about shootin' pesky varmints.  He said he wanted to do a song and had even written the lyrics.  Not one to argue with an angry drunk packing a chrome plated .44 Magnum, I obliged. Fortunately, I had a drum and synth track ready so all I had to do was duck and jam on the guitar.

Drunk And Armed is in the House!
BHO here, with my main Honk E!
This song goes out to everyone who ain't me!

I got one shot left!

Under the pavement, the beach.
Overextended, we reach.
We can never learn.
We can watch it burn.
Anticipatory breach.

I got one shot left!

Power is about control.
negative magnetic pole.
Live in the media.
public opinion poll.

I got one shot left!

You worship the opposite.
Nothing but composite.
Of all the big things.
Lets us live like kings.
Interchangeable posit.

I got one shot left!
Damn I missed!
Give me another beer!

Searching for a Distraction.
We come out ahead for reaction.
Plant a true story.
Make it all gory.
Party to the transaction.

I got one shot left!

You prefer the fantasy.
Anything is blasphemy.
You want the supreme.
Give me some ice cream!
We feed on your apathy.

I got one shot left!

Yeah! Winged him!

Let's all give thanks we got banks.
They ain't a just shooting blanks
Celebrate the dream.
As you sour the cream.
We can always send in tanks.

I got one shot left!

Liberals and conservatives skip along the road to hell, hand it  hand. On the right it's ignorance; on the left it's naiveté.  They make it easy for someone like me who cares about nothing but power. I can talk about nothing and it becomes something. They attribute god like powers. I'm made strong.

I got one shot left!

Intellectualism is dead.
No revolution with no head.
You are real confused.
Used and abused.
No more command overhead.

I got one shot left!

I'm going to give it away.
Radioactive decay.
You will still not work.
You're a stupid jerk.
Military attaché.

I got one shot left!

I hear what you are saying.
Even though you be graying.
You want to be rich.
All you do is bitch.
For that I have a saying:
Eat Hot Lead!

I got one shot left!

Yeah! Moe Foe eat hot lead.
I ain't taking any of your shit no more.
I need another slug of that rot gut.

I got one shot left!

The status quo gotta go.
Like the w. t. o.?
Let's tear this place up!
Eat charred pancake cup!
Not henry david thoreau.

I got one shot left!

Who cares I am getting paid
Audiovisual aid
I Fold like laundry
And hypochondry
military blockade

I got one shot left!

Yee Haw!
Busting shit up is fun!
And I get paid to do it!
Shove it!

I got one shot left!

Fortunately for me, the other side is weak as hell. A couple more years of listening to their bullshit will make my empty rhetoric (not to mention bad poetry) look good by comparison.


I got one shot left!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Q: I know you hated GB far more than Obama. Why pick on him when you didn't Bush?
A: I did, but I did it at my current events blog. (And far worse than anything about Obama here.  There's some people it's impossible to be satirical about. As you can see, I can push it. Basically, BHO is sometimes a composite of Bush and Obama (with a little bit of other politicians and assorted assholes. Their policies are so similar they could be a composite. An upcoming release will make that clear. See also "Obama likes Pie."

Q: Don't you care this is offensive to just about anyone who isn't Bin Laden?
A: No. I would hope to offend the Maximum extent possible. That's kind of the point. Also, I wouldn't want my music to be picked up by any real causes. It's propaganda as art.  However, I seriously doubt an Islamic fundamentalist listens to punk rock. It is saying that fear makes us weak. Being ruled by insecurity means being truly ruled by others.  We all go down together.

Q: Do you think you're part of the real "Rock N' Roll Underground."
A: I want to be just like G.G. Allin when I grow up

One thing: I would prefer honest contempt to shameless flattery in a politician. They might be thinking it, but they'll never say it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Drunk And Armed - MIRROR

MIRROR by Drunk And Armed

Written by SRL
SRL-Keyboard, Drum Machine, Git

(Pause player at left.)

What no politician will ever say:

My fellow Americans. I'm going to level with you for the first time. I'm going to tell you what you need to hear, and screw you if you don't like it. You call yourself free. You are really nothing more than a pathetic peasant with delusions. You go on and on about democracy, but you wouldn't know what one looked like if it bit you on the ass. You think it means getting something for free. Nothing is free in this world and you're going to pay. You can pray for deliverance, but it isn't going to happen. God doesn't care about insects. You have to make your own destiny. You won't. You are cowards. You are weak. You have turned flaws into virtues.

You are nothing.

In all your decadence you will grow fat and perish. Bin Laden is laughing his ass off at you. Ha Ha. It would be funny if I weren't stuck here too. We all go down together.

Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.
Look in the mirror.

You want easy answers. You don't want to know the truth. You want lies. You say otherwise, but actions speak louder than words. You want leaders who are liars. You sit in front of the T.V. pissing and moaning about a land that never existed. Your world is falling apart. You whine. You moan. But you won't do anything about it. You want someone else to solve your problems for you. They will, but you won't like it.

Ha Ha Chump.

The banks are going to take your house. The cops are going to kick in your door. You'll freeze, and no one will care. Drop dead. Loser.

You have no one to blame but yourself.

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Friday, November 05, 2010

New Model Army - Radio Sessions 83-84

New Model Army - Radio Sessions 83-84. I like it, but I'm concerned: I don't think they're a real army at all...

Update: I've encoded the FLAC files to VBR MP3s. These may be downloaded Here. (Much shorter download time as well.)