Friday, May 30, 2014

Drunk And Armed - "Self Indulgent Shadow" & "Wallowing Casualty Vampires"

Drunk And Armed is proud (not really) to release not just one, but two songs!  These songs are the 4th and 5th tracks of The Second Term E.P.  Now the legion of Drunk And Armed fans* can cease their annoying candle light vigil and get the fuck off my front lawn.**

"Self Indulgent Shadow" & "Wallowing Casualty Vampires"

Anyway, before getting to the music and downloads, I would actually (for once) like to write a little bit about how Drunk And Armed songs come to be.  Basically, I just start with a rhythm and/or a beat and let my no-skill fingers do the rest.  (I have talent, but I'll be dammed if I'll use it for something only I will listen to more than once.)  I basically create the framework for something I might like to listen to.  (I have very bad taste.)  Nothing illegal is consumed.  I let the words fit the music.  I then play and sing (if you can call it that) every other part in character (except B.H.O.).  I record it on an Android Tablet four track (lately) and mix it on a P.C. using Nero.  Cheap.  I have never made money.  I can do what I want.  My art is-

The Keyboard is a Roland D20.  I sometimes run it through the guitar pedal.  It's far left key no longer makes sound. I think I wore through the contact points.  I am sad.

One thing about my music inspires me: my children and my parents hate it!  Most people do. I would be disappointed otherwise.  Perhaps, No Trend listeners might like it?  I also like The Fall.

"Self Indulgent Shadow"
I think the inspiration for this song is apparent after the above screed.

Written & Engineered by SRL
BHO - Vocals, Percussion
Geezer Boy - Keyboard
Mr. B. Ligerent - Guitar
SRL - Bass

320 kbps MP3
Wave File
Ogg Vorbis

"Wallowing Casualty Vampires"
It's time to wallow!

Written & Engineered by SRL
BHO - Intro/Outro, Percussion
Geezer Boy - Keyboard, Vox
Mr. B. Ligerent - Guitar, Vox
SRL - Bass, Vox


320 kbps MP3 
Wave File
ogg vorbis

* There is no legion, but heck it has the potential to grow a million-fold.  After all, any number multiplied by zero is still zero...

** Also, there is no one on my front lawn, but you probably figured that out already.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Check out Pears.  Decent hardcore.