Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'll be without internet access for a while. Meanwhile, here's an additional track. More may be found Here.

This instrumental, called Money, was originally recorded in 2000 and remixed in 2006 as the 6th Track for Drunk And Armed's second album Only Chumps Pay.

Capt'n Lightning: Bass
SRL: Effects

Track downloads may be found Here.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


D.O.A., formed in 1978 and based out of Vancouver B.C., is certainly one of the most influential Canadian punk rock bands. Their music is an interesting mix of political and party punk. They even have their own hockey team. I've seen them about a half a dozen times since moving to the Pacific Northwest and I've never been disappointed.

Here's a short history and release list of the band.

Here are a few streams and Mp3s.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Middle 4 Downloads

Since January 2006, here's Drunk And Armed's middle 4 downloaded tracks:

The Wall (Take 2)
Bang, Bang #2A
Radio Show
Death to the Fascist Pigs #6

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bottom 6 Downloads

Since January 2006, here's Drunk And Armed's 6 least downloaded tracks:

1. Klinton (Bill) (Recent Release)
2. The Chumpfish Shuffle (It's really long)
3. Jihad Swing #1 (Recent Release)
4. Killing Birds #1G (Experimental)
5. Hodge (Long Instrumental)
6. Cats (Introduction) (Recent Realese, so doing well)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Top 5+1 Downloads

Since January 2006, here's Drunk And Armed's top 5 downloads:

1. Jihad Swing (Hammer Version)
2. Bankruptcy (A Word From God) #5.
3. Howling at the Moon #2.
4. Six White Horses #2.
5. Bang, Bang #2 Unmodified.


6. The Mushroom Warriors' FTL.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers

The Italian anti-fascist hardcore by Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers is among my favorites of straight-up European hardcore punk rock (or from anywhere else for that matter).

Here are two pages with MP3s:
400 Fascists
Furious Party EP track.
(I have found that these downloads do not work with all browsers, so if it doesn't work try a different browser.)

My all-time favorite song by this high-energy band is Crushed By The Wheels of Industry. Since I will surely do a cover of this song (someday, anyway), here's the Lyrics:

Those landscapes you see
Aren't made of life
They're made of death
It's like a cancer ridden spectre that's covering the earth
And everything you see
It's just these grey walls and wasteland around
I've been crushed
Been crushed
Been crshed by the wheels of industry
That's what happens to me that's what i'm going thru right now
Lost my head, lost my hands, lost my lungs, lost my thoughts, lost my voice
Seems like ten thousand years had passed
From my real ego
I can remember what I was
But can't go on like this today
The obsession of perfection
Likes ass but paints it as a friendship
Feel the tears strangling your throat
Where are you?
What's happened?
I see all of my stupid workingmates
All they care about is their wages
An' every Friday I cannot tell 'em to go to hell
Only waiting for my cash
End up to a bar and I can spend it all
Gettin' fucked up
Anytime I want
Here comes Monday
See my boss
Forty-five years gone
And he smells
Like a girl
Now he's rich got a rich bitch
You know, he's my uncle
And he always got his foot on my head
Fiv eminutes late
He's gonna bitch for three hours
Gonna make you fell like a piece of shit
Eight o'clock
I gotta work
But I just fell like blow this place apart
Tear this place apart
Factories don't burn by themselves
They just need a helping hand
And anyways,
The problem is not just factories
But what's behind them
It's like a cancer
Something you have to fight
You've got to be there
And experience once
Then you'll know what I'm talking about
OK, since I don't practice what I preach
Ain't gonna preach anymore
An' I'm tied to this cruel machine that cruel green machine
With a money chain
Becuase the money
That's what I want
Money in my pockets
Being with you was such a thrill but your love won't pay my bills

I can think of a few other things that need burning, but that's for another time...