Monday, December 24, 2012

Mickey Rat

For a change of pace, Drunk and Armed will now be occasionally featuring underground comic books.  The first installment will be the legendary Mickey Rat by Robert Armstrong.  Only 4 issues were ever created and these are available for download now.  You are also warned that these comics are intended for adults only.

"If it's not smut, I won't read it."

Mickey Rat #1
Mickey Rat #2
Mickey Rat #3
Mickey Rat #4

(CBR and CBZ files may be viewed with Comic Rack Reader which can be downloaded for free Here.  The reader is also available on Android--although I recommend the Perfect Viewer as well.)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Drunk And Armed - D.W.C.M.

D.W.C.M. is the eighth track of The Politician E.P. by Drunk And Armed

Written by SRL with BHO
Vox - BHO Supporting
VOX - Mr. B. Ligerant, S.R.L. and introducing C.J.L. Bass - S.R.L.

This song has the diversity of a box of saltine crackers!

(Pause layer at right)

Ogg Vorbis

This song has the diversity of a box of saltine crackers!

Hey dumb white cracker man
How are you liking The American plan?
Are you doing well?
When you can't even spell

Dumb as a rock
Around the clock
Laughing stock
Chicken hawk

Really, it's hard to say
In a similar way
just how stupid you are
Dumber than a sea star

I want to live in a fantasy land
I wanna live in dumb white cracker land

Mean, ignorant, stupid, greedy old white people are not the future.
living in a gated community is not a sign of freedom.

Hey dumb white cracker man
Your children all want to leave,
because you make them want to heave

I'm outta here

Conservatives:You are hated
You leave NO alternative to the Democrats
Better to open up the boarder
Than anything to do with you

You believed your own bullshit.
You think you are entitled.
Living in an echo box enable failure
Anything conservatives bring to attention is relegated to a ghetto
You are a joke

I wanna live in a fantasy

Hey dumb white cracker man

You travel with swine.
So your boots are covered in pig shit
Poor, but, loyal: what, is wrong, with, you?!
Victim of circumstance
You wear no pants
You cannot dance!
annuity in advance
minister of finance
My lies are not so blatant!
You are about to die
Indivisible by.

I want to live in a fantasy land
I wanna live in dumb white cracker land

Hey dumb white cracker man
hypnotic trance.

Nobody wants to hear about your stupid religion
Because it's your stupid religion
You enable the destruction of tradition and disbelief
This means nothing to me, but it does to you
Way to go, morons!

I want to live in a fantasy land
I wanna live in dumb white cracker land

Go away!
Nobody wants you
Nobody likes you
Go away!
Don't let the door hit you

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Drunk And Armed - Just Armed

Drunk And Armed - Just Armed
Track 1 of "2 Track E.P."
Written by SRL
Credits: SRL - Vox, Bass
Mr. B. Ligerant - Vox, Guitar
Geezer Boy - Keyboard
BHO - Drum

(Pause Player At Right)

Ogg Vorbis

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Drunk And Armed - Screwed

This is the 7th Track of The Politician E.P.  Although studio recorded and mixed, it is basically improvisation.  When improvising you don't necessarily get what you first imaged, so it's kind of fun.  (This also represents the 4th installment of "On Music" as it is an example of improvisation.)

(Pause player at right)

Written by Drunk And Armed
Cacophony - BHO, SRL, Geezerboy & Mr. B. Ligerant
Music - SRL

320 kbps MP3
Ogg Vorbis


Control concerns power
The artificial flower
An Ivory tower
The command overhead
Intellectually inbred
Run bases
You can pretend other wise
butter flies
Same faces
Same faces
I do not have time for this
I have an empire to run

In this land things were promised
but they didn't workout
Get over it!
But we can always pretend
La La Land

It's true
No matter what you think
No matter the stink

No matter what they do
No Matter what they say
We lose we lose
We're screwed
Thanks to you
No matter what you do
we are screwed

The same experts who fucked everything up are on the case
Get the lube out
We're going to make anything better
Just keep giving the banks money
And everything will be alright
We are screwed
Totally utterly fucked

I'm tired of this shit
I'm tired of getting screwed
What are you going to do?
I'm tired
What are you going to do?
Are you going to have a revolution
I'm sick of getting screwed
What are you going to do?

We can break things
We can smash things
We can get real angry
We can hunt them down
(Whoever they are)
In the streets
We can burn our neighborhoods down
Now I got no place to live
Who wants to live/die like that
Not me

I'm sick of hearing your crap
The experts are on the case
I'm so happy I could just shit
The experts are going to come save us
We are smart
We have little pieces of paper that say so
We all went to the same school
and they said we're smart

My mom thinks I'm smart
My other ride is your mom

Friday, August 31, 2012

Drunk And Armed - Don't Work For Free!

Drunk And Armed - Don't Work For Free!

For Labor Day Weekend, Drunk And Armed presents the 6th track of The Politician E.P. BHO has been a bit busy, so the rest of the cast of characters had to step up.  This song is also the musical debut of Geerzerboy.

This interlude is something that will never be played at a Democrat or Republican rally.  It's a statement against working for free (obviously) but it has a bit less (to say the least) hyperbole.  It is also illustrates the difference between being paid and not, therefore it can be considered an installment of the "On Music" series.

(Pause player at right)

Wave File
320 kbps MP3
Ogg Vorbis

Written by SRL
BHO – Intro
Music – SRL
Cacophony: Geezerboy, Mr. B. Ligerent, SRL

Don't Work for free
You may call my music sloppy
You may say I sing off Key
But I ain't working for free
And no one's paying me
Not Me
No one's paying me
Not Me
It's what you get for free
I ain't working for free
No One's paying me
You get what you get
You'll get nothing from me
Think you're so bourgeois
Think you're middle class?
One paycheck gone
You're out on your ass
Don't Work for free

You're not free
If you're working for free
I'm not free
If you're working for free
What's wrong with you?
Why’re you working for free?

Repelling to the bottom
Still ends in the bottom of the sea

You're making someone else rich
Yeah that's what you are: bitch

Don't work for free
Not me

Help a friend
Donate your time to charity
Or some worthy cause
Or something you believe
But don't work for free
Not me

Donating ain't working
Don't work for free

Working for free
You're making someone rich
And it ain't you
Don't do it

Social workers
Government workers
Probably you

Adjunct faculty
Got a PHD
You make less money
Than in the fast food industry

No Class solidarity
Manipulate you
Make you feel guilty
Cut your pay for a polity

Paid for 40—work for 60

Was it really worth it?
To go into debt/To have no life
Just to be living paycheck-to-paycheck?
You ain't shit
You could have gotten a trade
Intern once
Don't do twice
Don't work for fee
Repelling to the bottom
Still ends in the bottom of the sea
Don't Work for free

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Warning from Drunk And Armed

Conservative rallies need to stop using Drunk And Armed right now, bitches!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pussy Riot Gets 2 Years

Pussy Riot received a 2 year sentence yesterday:
The stiff punishment was handed down by a Moscow judge, Marina Syrova, who described the women as posing a danger to society and said they had committed “grave crimes” including “the insult and humiliation of the Christian faith and inciting religious hatred.”
 As word of the sentences spread, a crowd of protesters outside the courthouse howled angrily, and then seemed to fall into a stunned silence. Sporadic protests and violent arrests continued throughout the evening.
While the courtroom emptied, the three women were left in their glass enclosure, nicknamed the aquarium, and photographers were allowed to take pictures. As she was finally led away, the most outspoken of the three, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, said, “We are happy because we brought the revolution closer!” A police officer snapped back, “Well done.”
It only goes to show that very little really every changes.  One can only hope the revolution is closer.

Hear Pussy Riot Here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thursday, August 09, 2012

On Music #2: Hate Music

Hate music was not originally the topic for the second installment of the popular (not really) series. However, it is topical, so I suppose the time is right.  Apparently the asshole who shot up the Sikh temple  had been a member of a neo-nazi* hardcore band at one point.  As related by Gawker, In Defense of Neo-Nazi Music:
In the past few days, in the wake of the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin, the national media has once again begun to blame a crime on art. On Sunday, police discovered that Wade Page, the skinhead who stormed into the Oak Creek temple that afternoon and killed six people before killing himself, was once in a white-power band called End Apathy.
Which, of course, leads to blaming violent white power music for the shooting.  It does not seem to occur that such music, which represents art to a bunch of losers (it's still art), does not cause anything. Cause is confused with effect.  
People like Futrell and Simi try to avoid sounding like the neo-Tipper Gores that they are by not condemning the neo-Nazi music itself and instead saying that it's the culture around the music that's dangerous. It's the "spaces of hate" they're after, they say, not the art. But then they expose their anti-free speech leanings by finger-wagging and threatening that we shouldn't be surprised if another white-power maniac kills people thanks to this hateful music scene. That—and I'm so glad I work at Gawker now so I can say this—is a total crock of shit.
It's an expression.  (In this case, for Nazis, hate music is an expression: "We are angry dickheads and want you to know it.")  For others hate music targets a wide range of targets.  Hate music can be directed at anything.  Aggressive music does not make one aggressive (physically--if you hate the sound and are therefore driven that is something else).   One likes aggressive music because one is aggressive.  This obviously means some who may be inclines to mass murders will find aggressive "hate music" appealing.  Listening to G.G. Allin does not make me want be G.G. Allin (which is really more extreme than any Nazi every could.  (As if a Nazi could approach his manliness, but I digress.)   If aggressive music allows one to act out aggression it may even prove an outlet.  It's hard to prove how many mass murders, assassinations, civil unrest etc. did not occur because aggression was directed toward artistic expression.  If one does not like white power music, censorship is not the answer: it would merely drive the music underground and thus give it street cred.  Rather, ignore it.  Censoring this type of hate music music is just the beginning to censoring any music that is even potentially agitating.  

Because Nazis are reviled, they make an easy target.  Hell, if you want to go beat someone up and get away with it, Nazis are the target of choice.  (It doesn't make one better than Nazis to attack them on sight.)  Even so, beating them is one thing, but taking away their right to expressions is something else again.  The next target may be you.

* Note: All skinheads are not Nazis.  Skinheads are a veritable violent multi-(sub)cultural rainbow.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

World Tour

See Doctor Drunks' world tour.  I've liked what I heard so far.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

On Music #1: Meaning

Occasionally I'm asked about my philosophy concerning music.  Typically, I would write such things at my other blog, but it seems more appropriate to place it here.  The first section concerns meaning.

Unlike most things in life, music probably means something different to almost everyone.  Albeit in many different forms, music has been around for thousands of years and will likely last until the extinction of the human race.  At its most basic, music is repetitive patterns of noise that result in something different than the sum of its parts.  As music develops so does its meaning.  A combination of the intent, talent, social status, skill etc. of the player, and the psychology, culture, personality, taste etc. of the listener defines the meaning.  In addition, the location, environment, setting etc. plays a role.  The meaning of music is thus a product of complex interactions.  It is therefore meaningless to speak of meaning in any absolute sense.  Only you can say for certain what it means to you.  Therefore, if you finds music boring or crap, then that is what it means to you.  An entire culture (or sub-culture) may embrace a particular form, but that still says nothing about individual meaning.  It means what it means to you.  Nothing more need be said.

As far as what music means to me, which is all anyone can truly address, there are really two aspects to that question concerning what I listen to and what I play.  As far as what I listen to, the contents of this blog are a reflection of those tastes, but certainly not all encompassing.  Hard core punk and related music genres are my music of choice, because they are an expression of the world as I generally view it.  The energy is appealing.  I also appreciate its anti-social demeanor, which is evidenced by the observation that most people hate it, and that makes it good (or a candidate anyway).  In many cases, the musicians are playing what they want to play regardless of what anyone else says or is willing to pay for.  I consider that respectable (even if some of the actual musicians are people I would just as soon see dead).  No one is all bad.  It also appeals, because these are styles that I have the ability to play (at least in theory).  This is all despite some musicians ideology. I figure having an ideology is their problem.

As far as my own music is concerned, I often like to say that my music speaks for itself.  Of course, this is not really true since it does not exist in a vacuum.  In part, despite the fact that some very talented musicians are willing to play with me*, it is what it is because I have no interest in making any money from my art.  I have other means of making a living as an (un-)civil engineer.  (Besides, I can't see myself liking touring etc.)  This means I am free to amuse myself and express my fundamental anti-social nature (which is certainly suppressed at my job except when I am handed the opportunity to confront a contractor or consultant on their shoddy work).  It is an outlet.  It also gives me something to do.  As such, I am not put off if someone doesn't like it.**  I am not doing it for someone else.

* In Seattle, it also helps not being a junkie.
** I will happily admit that I am very amused at being able to torture both my parents and children with my musical tastes.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Preaching the End

Preaching the End.  Some good stuff here.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Songs for Snakes

Listen to Songs for Snakes. Sounds like Husker Du, which is not surprising since in the words of the band:
Songs For Snakes was formed in 2005 with the vision of blending the energy and power of punk/indie rock with a touch of melancholy. Imagine Husker Du and Jawbreaker having a pleasant cup of green tea with Simon and Garfunkel. I was raised on the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel which gave me a love of melody but I also really love the power of loud classic rock bands and the DIY ethic of punk/indie rock. Our recently released third album entitled "Charcoal Heather" encompasses these diverse influences while delivering a tight and focused group of songs.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Th' Inbred - A Family Affair

Th' Inbred - A Family Affair!  I've been wanting to rip this from my vinyl copy, but Dr. Drunk did it for me.  Thanks!

Remember: Unity is Fascism!

Saturday, May 05, 2012


mnttaB.  Check them out.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spastic Rats - Rodentia 7"

Spastic Rats - Rodentia 7".  With a name like that why not give it a listen?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Egg Hunt - self-titled

Egg Hunt - self-titled. "This was a little something that former minor threat band mates ian mackaye and jeff nelson did while they were over in europe to discuss some possible distribution for their dischord records label (which they put together in 1980)"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, April 09, 2012

tom waits - bone machine/bone machine: the operator's manual

tom waits - bone machine/bone machine: the operator's manual.  "...songs about death and murder and revenge and the apocalypse and the blues."  Everything needed for a healthy diet.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


BLOG OF LEAST RESISTANCE.  Looks interesting and promising.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kids of the 80's

Kids of the 80's. Lot's of good stuff here.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Drunksongs - Sound of The Streets

Drunksongs - Sound of The Streets.  A promising mp3 blog from Brazil.  Too bad it's not current.  Still there are a few good links here.

Friday, March 09, 2012

V/A - Flex Your Head

V/A - Flex Your Head.  If you have not heard it, where the hell have you been?

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Check out Suburbia...Suburbia...SUBURBIA! A history of underground and independent music from Rockland County New York

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Is ANONYUPLOAD for real. Wait and see...

See Also.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Land of Hope and Glory

Land of Hope and Glory. The Sex Pistols and the London Synthphoney Orchestra. Mildly amusing.

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MegaUpload Shut Down

MegaUpload has been shut down by the FBI. “Anonymous" shuts down their website in retaliation.  This means that many of the links on your favorite music sites will be dead.  See Here for more details.

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Drunk And Armed - The Politician E.P. (So Far)

The Politician E.P. has been and still is a work in progress, starting in 2009, as a commentary on the Obama years.

Tracks (So Far):
1. Obama Likes Pie (2009)
2. MIRROR (2010) See Also.
3. One Shot Left (2010)
4. Cranial Rectal Embedment (2011)
5. You Deserve It! (2011)
Since 2009, Drunk And Armed has also released the following singles:
Burn It Down (Solstice Demo) (2009)
Low (Chicken Leg House) (Recorded 2008, Released 2010)
Big Stink #8 (Recorded 2007, Released 2011)
Download it all Here.

No Fun - At the Disco ep

No Fun - At the Disco ep. Happy New Year!