Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Drunk And Armed - Potato Song

Potato Song is the 6th Track of Malevolence by Drunk And Armed.

Goodbye to the orange turd.  A potato would have gotten more votes. Indeed that is what happened with Biden, who has the intellect of a moldy potato, with less nutritional value.  Even then it was relatively close, despite the orange turd olding rallies guaranteed to kill off his own voters, and then told them not to vote by mail. (If the Democrats really did steal the election, why did they lose seats in the house. fail to flip a single state legislature, etc.?)

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Drunk And Armed - Vermin Supreme

This is a song about Vermin Supreme, a man who wants to give everyone in the US a pony and to brush our teeth.  It is the 5th track of Malevolence by Drunk And Armed.  Originally, I wanted to release it last year, but got annoyed when my post-COVID lungs couldn't play the trombone.  Recently, I dusted it off, sans trombone, and this is the result.

Since I believe Vermin Supreme has traded marked his name, this song is uploaded with no rights reserved.

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