Saturday, September 15, 2012

Drunk And Armed - Screwed

This is the 7th Track of The Politician E.P.  Although studio recorded and mixed, it is basically improvisation.  When improvising you don't necessarily get what you first imaged, so it's kind of fun.  (This also represents the 4th installment of "On Music" as it is an example of improvisation.)

(Pause player at right)

Written by Drunk And Armed
Cacophony - BHO, SRL, Geezerboy & Mr. B. Ligerant
Music - SRL

320 kbps MP3
Ogg Vorbis


Control concerns power
The artificial flower
An Ivory tower
The command overhead
Intellectually inbred
Run bases
You can pretend other wise
butter flies
Same faces
Same faces
I do not have time for this
I have an empire to run

In this land things were promised
but they didn't workout
Get over it!
But we can always pretend
La La Land

It's true
No matter what you think
No matter the stink

No matter what they do
No Matter what they say
We lose we lose
We're screwed
Thanks to you
No matter what you do
we are screwed

The same experts who fucked everything up are on the case
Get the lube out
We're going to make anything better
Just keep giving the banks money
And everything will be alright
We are screwed
Totally utterly fucked

I'm tired of this shit
I'm tired of getting screwed
What are you going to do?
I'm tired
What are you going to do?
Are you going to have a revolution
I'm sick of getting screwed
What are you going to do?

We can break things
We can smash things
We can get real angry
We can hunt them down
(Whoever they are)
In the streets
We can burn our neighborhoods down
Now I got no place to live
Who wants to live/die like that
Not me

I'm sick of hearing your crap
The experts are on the case
I'm so happy I could just shit
The experts are going to come save us
We are smart
We have little pieces of paper that say so
We all went to the same school
and they said we're smart

My mom thinks I'm smart
My other ride is your mom

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