Thursday, September 11, 2008

Raw Power - Trust Me!

The other day, my 4-year old daughter and I were driving down the road. She said, "Daddy, I wanna hear some Rock-N-Roll!" So I played her Raw Power. She pumped her fist, and screamed, "Now, that's Rock-N-Roll!!!"

Sure is, sweetie. She knows how to make her father proud.

This album from 2000 compares very favorably with earlier material (for a change). Play it LOUD for the children.

Track List:

1. Feed Them Grazioli
2. Give Me A Drink
3. What Can We Do?
4. Suicidal
5. Take Your Hands Off Me!
6. Can't Put Up With It
7. Behind The Door
8. Not Here, Not Now, Not Me
9. George
10. Can't Do That
11. Don't Blame Me
12. Poverty
13. We Hate You
14. Back In U.S.
15. Hey, Bastard
16. Trust Me!


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