Friday, March 13, 2015

Drunk And Armed - "The Honky Dance"

15 years in the making.  The Honky Dance is now a reality!  It might look easy but it's not.   Although "inspired" by the Humpty Dance by the Digital Underground, I did not want a cover song, which would not have worked with all the honking, which is my favorite part. In 2002, I met a cat named Kareem, who I asked to pen a rap.  The result is a "song written by a black man sung by a white dude."  The papers (see photos below) sat around with a bunch of my stuff for years.  Occasionally, I would try to "honkify" it, but it was not until recently that I could figure out what to do with it.  I was suffering from tendinitis in my right hand, so I only played the keyboard with one hand.  The result was something I thought I could use, and I next supplied the lovely vocals.  I like it.  It sounds pretty good.  It makes me chuckle, and makes my feet feeling like stomping along.  Maybe it will for you too?

Drunk And Armed - "The Honky Dance"
Track 6 of "The Second Term E.P."
Written by Kareem (concept by SRL)
Music by SRL
Vox, Keyboard/Synth, Engineered by SRL
Intro by BHO


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