Thursday, November 06, 2008

Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel - Nail

One of my favorite efforts from Foetus (1985). Solid industrial like it was meant to be. Listening to it makes me want to get and abortion, and I'm not even a woman! Play it for your mama, and she'll probably wish she had had one.

1) Theme From Pigdom Come
2) The Throne Of Agony
3) !
4) Pigswill!
5) Descent Into The Inferno
6) Enter The Exterminator
7) DI-1 9026
8) The Overture From Pigdome Come
9) Private War
10) Anything (Viva!)

(Download Deleted.)


foetus said...

Dear Drunkandarmed,

It has come to my attention that you are giving away my album "NAIL" on your blog.
While you may think this is harmless, you do not own the copyrights to this album.
By giving away my work, you undermine my ability to make revenue and support myself with my music.
Please take this album down from your site immediately and do not post any of my titles in future.

Yours Sincerely

JG Thirlwell

SRL said...

It has been deleted.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Nice one JG.

The man has spoken kids, now go buy some music!

stickydisgust said...

I don't think your sales are going to tumble because an album is posted on a blog. People are either going to download it and listen to it with no desire to buy it, or download it and listen to it in order to aid their decision in whether they like it enough to buy.
There's a good and bad side to it.

I came on here to download it, listen to it, and then decide if I want to buy it as I couldn't find it on Spotify.
If I didn't like it then I'd delete it.