Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nazi Bitch and the Jews

Who could forget Nazi Bitch and the Jews? I would rather listen to Annelle Zingarelli sing than any pop puke princess.


yarwine said...

I will never forget Annelle! I was the one that tagged her Nazi Bitch (because she had a 3 inch tattoo of a nazi soldgier on her bicep).
She wasn't excetionialy racist tho There drummer was a young black girl... she was just a hell raiser!
Annelle died of herion OD shortly after playing a paying show with Black Flag in Fresno.. she was an off and on addict since age 12 and sang about it often. Stan the bassist OD'ed a year or so later.

The girl loved the spotlight and oozed charm and was always ready for trouble.. or create trouble.

Richard--Subtractions - Fresno>SF>Seattle>Bellingham

Anonymous said...

Annelle was my aunt. She is survived by many of her family members most of all her brother Danny and father with the same name. I also have a daughter I named in her memory. So Annelle may be gone in one way but she still lives on in many others. Jason Zingarelli.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I had no idea Annelle died. I met her in July 1983 at a Joan Jett concert, some stadium in Fresno. I happen to be sitting by her and her friends. It somehow came up that she was in a band who got a song on a punk comp. I had that 2-album comp and was thrilled outta my mind to find out SHE WAS THE NAZI BITCH! My fave track truly happened to be NBJ's Dead Porker. Annelle was cool and the first 'rock' star I ever met..I was 18 yrs old. I'm sad that she didn't make it out alive.