Friday, August 18, 2006

You're Stupid! #3

You're Stupid! #3 was originally recorded in 2000 and remixed in 2006 as the 7th track for Drunk And Armed's second album Only Chumps Pay.

Words & Music: Capt'n Lightning & SRL
Capt'n Lightning: Vocals, Bass
SRL: Effects

You're Stupid
So Stupid
Too stupid
You're too stupid to breath, politicians

Credit card liberals* and politicians too
Clean out your ears
This song's about you
Dumber than dirt
Smart as paint
Sharpest tool in the shed you ain't
Get out town
Takin' up space
Get out of the human race


*My original line was "credit card communists," but it works for liberals as well.

Track downloads may be found Here.

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