Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Howling at the Moon #2

Howling at the Moon #2, which is the 4th Track of The Hippo Tumor Mixes, is a remix of the original recorded on a 2 track stereo.

Capt'n Lightning: Vocals, Bass, Programming
SRL: Effects
Words: Capt’n Lightning
Music: Capt'n Lightning & SRL
Recorded Winter 2001 Mixed: Fall 2005

Track downloads may be found Here.

Sitting on top of my water tower
In a pouring rain
Full moon out tonight
And I’m going insane

Howling at the moon
In the middle of night
Sure is fun
And makes the cops all uptight

Sitting on top of my water tower
With my wolf suit on
Cops are really annoyed now
Reaching for their guns


Siting on down on the railroad track
In front of a speeding train
Headlights are getting bigger now
In the pouring rain


Toward the speeding train
Down the middle of the tracks
Cops chasing me down
There’s no time to turn back

I’m running out of track
Towards the speeding train
Just 3 splats
In the pouring rain

Who do you wanna
take out with you?
Who ya gonna
take out with you? (x2)

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